Cover crops are becoming an important part of the cropping cycle and Pottinger is further catering for their timely sowing by fitting its trailed Terradisc models with a seed/granule distribution system.

The models concerned are the Terradisc 8001 T / 10001 T disc harrows, and the company has now coupled them to its Amico F front hopper, enabling soil disc-ing and sowing of seed, or fertiliser, in the same pass.

Large discs for penetration

These two units are equipped with scalloped discs that have a diameter of 580mm which, the company has claimed, gives them excellent penetration and gets the soil moving.

The aggressive setting of the discs encourages reliable soil entry, even in the driest conditions while the Twin Arm suspension system prevents the discs from deviating sideways on hard ground.

Terradisc in operation
Working widths of either 8m or 10m coupled with forward speeds above 10km/h ensures high work rates are achieved

The point at which either the seeds or fertiliser can be added to the soil is altered by the setting of the distribution rail.

With the outlet set at an angle to the ground, the fertiliser or seed is fed into the flow of soil, which results in it being deposited on, or near the surface. This method is suitable for sowing greening or cover crop mixtures.

By resetting the distribution rail perpendicular to the ground, the material is immediately mixed into the soil before it has the chance to settle, thus it is distributed throughout the full depth of cultivation.

Terradisc on stubble

Pottinger has suggested that this may be of particular use during stubble cultivation as the compensatory addition of potash or nitrogen can be used to accelerate the decomposition of straw.

The Amico F hopper with Terradisc
The Amico front hopper is pressurised and is divided 60/40 with two separate metering units

The Amico F front hopper has a capacity of either 1,700L or 2,400L and is divided internally on a 60:40 basis, increasing its flexibility and usability.

Seeds or granules are applied using a single shoot process with a pressurised hopper system.

One or two metering units can be controlled site-specifically by the intelligent control system and it may be used in conjunction with other makes of tillage equipment.