If current prices for new tractors were not eyewatering enough, a US dealer has just put a 1994 John Deere 7700 up for sale at a rather immodest $199,500, or €202,700 at today’s exchange rate.

That is a lot of money for a 150hp tractor which is now 28 years old. Today’s top-spec equivalent, the John Deere 6R 150, only scrapes in at €144,400 + VAT.

Deere specialist

The dealer concerned is B and R Equipment of Martinsville Indiana, a family run concern focusing on John Deere tractors and combines, although not a main dealer.

John deere engine six cylinder
Seemingly immaculate from every angle, the tractor has obviously been well cared for

The tractor itself is said to be in excellent condition with just 539 hours on the clock and a set of rowcrop duals, the tyres on which are estimated as being just 15% worn.

It is somewhat rare for a North American tractor in being 4WD; most of the big John Deeres in the dealer’s yard are 2WD.

Two farming owners

There is little about its history on the dealer’s website, however a similar machine with 537 hours on the clock was bought at auction last December for €150,000 at Dodgeville, Wisconsin, and it is likely to be the same tractor.

If so, it has two previous owners, the first of which had it for 23 years before selling it on to a farm of 200ac, which worked it for a further four years.

Although the asking price from a dealer may appear high, these tractors are obviously in demand. In August, an example showing 9,009 hours and said to be in good condition went for $45,000 at an auction in Iowa.

John Deere 7710

The 7700 was produced between 1992 and 1996. Three models in the series were launched at the time, the other two being the 130hp 7600 and 170hp 7800.

PwrQuad transmission john deere 7700
The control panel and levers appear to be as new

All were powered by a 7.6L turbocharged six-cylinder engine and were fitted with two doors on the Sound Gard cab.

This example is fitted with the John Deere Powershift transmission which is fully powered and offers 19 forward and seven reverse gears.

The list price in 1996 was €68,000.