Lincolnshire Co-op has suspended its purchase of Quack! duck eggs following reports of animal-welfare issues from its egg-supplying farm.

“We have received concerns regarding a welfare issue connected to Quack! Duck Eggs. We strive to operate ethically and, as such, take this very seriously,” a spokesperson for the Co-op said.

“We have suspended further purchases of stock of Quack! Duck Eggs from the supplier while investigations are ongoing.

“This suspension started on the day we first received the information.

“As well as the important issue of animal welfare, we are mindful that these allegations concern a local business. Our investigations will take time to ensure we are being as thorough as possible.

“Our investigations involve consulting with various outside bodies including Trading Standards, the local environmental health authority, and the supplier.”


However, a spokesperson for Quack Eggs has said that since this footage was taken – and it was taken last year – any issues have been rectified:

“Since this footage was taken, last year, every poultry house on the farm has been inspected by our customers, an independent vet and the APHA [Animal Plant Health Agency] notified,” the spokesperson said.

“Each of these inspections concluded the farm is operating to good standards including the health and welfare of the birds.

“As a family-owned and run business, our number one priority is to provide our ducks with the highest standards of care and welfare,” they added.

“With this in mind and with issues identified, these have been rectified alongside veterinary advice.”


Earlier this month, vegan campaigning charity Viva! released footage from a large-scale duck egg farm in Lincolnshire – Field Farm – which it said sells eggs under the Quack! brand.

Other eggs from the farm are sold to Stonegate and Noble Foods, it said.

The footage, which came about following a tip from an ex-worker, according to the charity, found what it described as poor animal-welfare conditions.