Milk consumers worldwide want more protein and supplements in milk, according to an international consumer study commissioned by Tetra Pak.

Consumers also feel that variety and convenience are not keeping pace with modern lifestyles and expectations, it found.

However, consumers remain overwhelmingly positive about the goodness of milk and understand its nutritional value.

The study, undertaken earlier this year, highlights the need for dairy companies to revitalise the relevance of milk among consumers of all ages, through the introduction of innovative products and a fresh approach to marketing and communication.

Milk consumers want beverages that fit into their busy lives and it says that the key revitalising dairy is to excite consumers with products that meet their ever-changing needs.

For several years, the food industry has reported rising demand for nutritious but convenient products, fuelled by the new generation of health-conscious consumers leading ever-more active lives, it says.

The Tetra Pak study, its eighth dairy index, found people already regard milk as ‘nutritious’, ‘healthy’, ‘a good source of calcium’, and ‘tasty’, but to maintain its relevance in the modern world, producers need to innovate and develop drinks that reflect changing lifestyles.

Dennis Jönsson, President and CEO of Tetra Pak Group said that the key to energising dairy in all geographies is to make people excited about drinking milk; creating new products and developing communication campaigns to show that it is convenient, pleasurable, a special treat even, and relevant to all.

The report identified four global product trends where dairycompanies have successfully brought new drinks to market.

These trends include:

  • Indulgent yet permissible treats.
  • Customized products that make milk easier to digest or provide added health benefits.
  • Drinks made for on-the-go consumption or snacking.
  • 'Pure' milk with organic or 'natural' values.

In addition, the Tetra Pak report reveals how new communication channels can be used to create successful marketing campaigns that raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of milk, whilst forging an emotional connection with people to drive consumption.

Video credit: Tetra Pak.