A court in Northern Ireland has convicted and fined a man who was found to be transporting puppies which were unfit for travel.

Eugene Daly of Derryfubble Road in Dungannon was convicted at Laganside Court yesterday (Tuesday, March 5) of one charge of transporting a dog which was not fit for the journey.

The 41-year-old transporter pleaded guilty and fined £400 plus £15 offender levy.


On March 10, 2023, a consignment of puppies belonging to Daly were inspected at Belfast Port by a Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) veterinary officer.

The court heard that the official was of the opinion that some of the puppies were not eight weeks old.

It was reported that many of the puppies seemed poorly socialised, had extended tummies and a pot-bellied appearance consistent with worm infestation.

The bedding in the cages appeared wet and quite heavily soiled despite the puppies having allegedly only been loaded less than two hours previously.

Checks carried out on exports made by Daly also discovered that false destination addresses for the puppies were being provided.


Daly was convicted on one charge of, causing to be transported an animal, namely a canine, which was not fit for the journey, contrary to animal welfare regulations.

The case arose, as part of DAERA’s “Paws for Thought” campaign which includes enhanced checks on the export of all puppies at ports in Northern Ireland.

The campaign, launched in 2020, aims to combat puppy smuggling to Great Britain.

“The department gives high priority to the welfare of animals and operates a vigorous enforcement policy to ensure full compliance of regulatory requirements.

“Any breaches are investigated thoroughly and offenders prosecuted as necessary,” a DAERA spokesperson said.