Consistency in comfort flooring is essential to ensuring high comfort and reduced stress levels in dairy cows.

High-quality rubber flooring like Huber Technik’s comfort mattress system provides the right level of soft, yet firm flooring for dairy cows.

Consistent comfort for dairy cows means low levels of stress which in turn means high productivity and farm profitability. It is in every farmer’s interest to maximise cow comfort levels to ensure healthy animals, high yield, high fertility and smooth day-to-day farm operations.

Key factors

There are many cow mattress solutions available to farmers, so what are the key factors you should consider?

Farmers should think of comfort flooring as a long-term investment and the following should be taken in to consideration:

  • Will it provide the optimum level of comfort required by dairy cows?
  • Will the mattress system improve cow lying times?
  • Where is the mattress manufactured and does it comply with European standards?
  • How easy is it to install?
  • Is it easy to maintain and clean?
  • How long is the system expected to last and does the product have a warranty?
  • Will this investment ultimately contribute to good cow health and productivity?
  • Are there reference farms? See systems in use and get feedback from other farmers.

Dairy farmer Colin Harty in Co. Waterford went through this decision-making process when he installed the Huber Technik 4GS soft bed system on his farm four years ago.

The 4GS soft bed system is a durable top cover with foam base which is anchored in place with bolts. This quick and easy to install system comes in a full roll which is cut to size. Colin installed the mattress system directly when the shed was being constructed.

“We fitted it as we were building the shed before the cubicles went in,” said Colin.

“We rolled out the roll of foam, sealed it up with the tape and plastic, double-lapped and taped on top [so the water can’t get in] and then ran the roll over it. We screwed it in with 6 or 8mm rawl bits into the bed and it hasn’t moved yet.”

Colin houses his older heavier cows on this system which weigh approximately 600-650kg (and heavier when in calf). Cows are housed roughly from mid-October to mid-March (depending on the season).

The Huber Technik mattress system has been a great success on this Waterford dairy farm. In terms of bedding, Colin has opted for peat after initially using lime and sawdust.

The peat is bought in bulk (approximately £1,500 for a half arctic load) and has been more cost effective for the six months the cows are housed. The farmer is also reporting lower somatic cell counts (SCC) which average 68-70.

Huber Technik knows what cows like

Huber Technik is a specialist in livestock comfort flooring. This family-run company was established in 1925 and has been making cow mattress systems since the 1990s from its facility in Erding, Germany.

With over 30 years of experience in cow mattress systems, Huber Technik knows what cows like.

The product range includes:

  • Soft Bed Systems (4GS, 8GS and 8GS WINGS): A durable top cover with foam base which is anchored in place with bolts;
  • N-Series Rolls:
    • N-15 Roll and N-18 Roll: Suitable for alleyways, holding areas, parlours;
    • N-20 Roll and N-33 Roll: Suitable for free stalls and tie stalls;
    • The N-Series Rolls have different degrees of softness which are achieved by special studs (pimpling effect) on the underside.

See the full product range on:

Huber Technik at a glance

  • Huber Technik products are exclusively made of new unvulcanised tyre compound;
  • Huber processes 100% new rubber and not scrap granules;
  • Raw materials undergo stringent quality checks and their quality processes ensure a consistent durable end product designed for cow comfort;
  • All Huber Technik products contain high-quality raw materials that provide, among other things, aging resistance and ozone protection. Low priced natural rubber compounds do not contain these stabilisers. When they are exposed to light and air, they can become brittle. Comfort flooring made of natural rubber often contains chalk as a filler to reduce costs;
  • Huber Technik is one of the only companies worldwide that produces rubber flooring for cows that is certified PAH free. PAH – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – are a group of over 100 different chemicals. PAHs are known for their carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic properties;
  • A cow’s udder comes into contact with rubber only two times: in the milking parlour (which must be PAH free); and while lying down on a mattress. Ensure you’re making the right choice by sourcing certified PAH free rubber from Huber Technik;
  • Huber Technik is owned and managed by third and fourth-generation family members. It’s been a family business from day one and for nine decades, it has been producing superior quality rubber products.

Huber Technik: Comfort, consistency and durability with a proven German brand

Huber Technik provides the optimum level of comfort for dairy cows. All products are subject to third party testing through the DLG with reports available on the company’s website. The DLG is a quality mark which is awarded to agricultural products. Products with the mark have successfully passed a DLG usability test according to independent and recognised evaluation criteria.

Huber Technik product is easy to install – it comes in a roll and can be cut to size. This seamless comfort system is easy to maintain and clean. Above all, the company offers a 10-year warranty on all Huber Technik products. Huber Technik product is distributed worldwide and the company is proud to say it has virtually zero warranty claims.

Because Huber Technik comfort rolls deliver the optimum comfort levels for dairy cows, lying times are improved along with good cow health and productivity. A consistent high-quality rubber mat/mattress helps the cow to feel safe under foot which reduces stress. Slippery and uneven ground is a stressor to the dairy cow.

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