A regenerative dairy event for livestock farmers, “Down to Earth”, will take place on Wednesday, July 3 in Grosvenor Farms, Chesire, with “top line-up” speakers to take centre stage.

The one-day event will consist mainly of practical talk stations on how to improve profitability while transitioning to more environmentally acceptable systems.

Grosvenor Farms intends to become net zero in six years, with a current carbon footprint of 0.8kgs CO2-e/kg fat and protein corrected milk (FPCM).

On the day, visitors will hear from the farm’s Mark Roach and David Craven about how they have already reduced emissions through better feed digestion, efficient use of feed, and lower nitrous oxide emissions.

Royal Association Of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) chair, Robert Craig said that this event is where farmers can see “first-hand” the gains made by making small changes.

The farm has recently started using a new methane inhibitor, so dairy scientist, and consultant nutritionist, Adrian Packingham will explain how the inhibitor works to reduce methane by 30%.

Attendees will discuss the opportunities and changes to the 2024 Sustainable Farming Incentive ahead of the scheme opening on Monday, July 22.

Throughout the day, there will be three talk stations that will cover the topic’s of soil health, renewable energy, genetic selection and overall productivity on dairy farms.

Sponsors for the event KW Feeds said:

“Regenerative agriculture is vital to improving biodiversity, soil health and carbon footprint while maintaining food security and farm profitability.

“These events provide a valuable opportunity for our industry to come together, learn, and advance for the benefit of dairy farming now and for the future.”

Kite Consulting who are also sponsoring the event added that Grosvenor Farm is a “fantastic” example of productive dairy farming systems that also have a positive impact on the environment.

Tickets to the event are free of charge for RABDF members or £20 when bought at the gate. More information about this event can be found at “Project Down to Earth” website.