Dairymaster and CRI Genetics GmbH have partnered and established a new distribution channel to sell and support the Dairymaster heat detection system, the MooMonitor, in the German market.

Covering most parts of Germany this deal will make the MooMonitor system available to almost every dairy farmer in Germany through CRI Genetics GmbH.  It will offer the system in addition to their reproductive services and as part of a complete reproductive solution to its customers.

“A missed heat on a dairy cow is estimated to cost the farmer €40 – €80 per month according to the IFN Schönow,” said Dr Edmond Harty CEO and technical director Dairymaster.

“The fact that the MooMonitor has been scientifically proven, coupled with its very high accuracy means that it is the ideal solution for progressive dairy farmers throughout Germany. Our products are backed by scientific research and provably improves dairy farm production. These are the reasons why we have secured a substantial share in the German market and this partnership.”

Each cow wears a MooMonitor, which precisely records specific types of activity relating to heats. The MooMonitor software now includes the MooMonitor App allowing the farmer to analyse activity for each individual cow and the entire herd and is now available on Smart Phone, iPad or Tablet for 24-hour remote monitoring.


“We wanted the best system on the market for our customers. The MooMonitor is accurate, reliable, easy to use and has the best technology. The MooMonitor utilises technology from rockets and torpedos – where else could you get such an accurate system? Other big reproductive specialists such as Select Sires in the US are also distributing this system,” said Hubertus Wasmer managing director CRI Genetics GmbH.

“CRI Genetics GmbH is one of the most important semen suppliers in the German speaking part of Europe. We are a one stop shop for herd owners, offering a comprehensive range of information and advisory services,” explained Wasmer. “Our highly successful breeding programme has delivered a line-up of superior sires to enable our customers exploit genetic gain and drive improved efficiency, productivity and profitability. Adding the MooMonitor system is the final piece in our service jigsaw.

Harty concluded: “We see them as an ideal partner for this product as they have excellent knowledge on reproductive physiology and oestrous expression of dairy cows to add an extra dimension when selling and supporting the MooMonitor system standalone.”