Datamars, a global livestock management and data solutions company, has joined forces with organizations such as WWF, McDonalds, and Cargill as part of a worldwide network of people and organizations powering progress in sustainable beef – the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB).

Datamars is committed to effecting positive change by providing farmers with livestock productivity tools and data insights around animal performance and health,allowing them to make precise, informed decisions to enhance animal productivity while minimizing the use of scarce resources.

In recent weeks, several members of GRSB’s leadership team attended COP27 to discuss how GRSB and its members aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the beef supply chain.

This followed the organizations global conference in Denver – a four-day event that brought together a global network of likeminded individuals with an interest in powering a future of beef sustainability.

Ruaraidh Petre, Executive Director of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, said:

“We’ve had an exciting year as an organization, having hosted our conference and attending COP.

Furthermore, we’ve already welcomed several new members and are pleased to announce our newest member.

“Datamars’ technology empowers farmers with livestock management tools and insights which play an important role in helping our sector continue to make strides in becoming more sustainably productive and achieve the goals we set out as an organization last year.”