Agri-food tech company Elemental has signed its first licensing agreement with food processors Dawn Meats and Dunbia for its protein and fat recovery process technology to improve carcase utilisation.

Elemental's technology turns organic waste from meat processing into ingredients such as stocks, extracts and edible fats.

Announcing the deal, chief executive of Elemental, Dean Hislop, said:

"This agreement enables Dawn Meats and Dunbia to create new products and unlock new revenue streams while also reducing its carbon footprint and improving carcase utilisation.”

Both food processors supply major retailers, manufacturers and food service operators globally in 50 countries and process 300,000t of meat annually.

Technology to improve carcase utilisation

Elemental's food manufacturing process technology works to recover food extracts in the form of high-quality proteins and fats, producing traceable, sustainable and authentic food ingredients which can be used in products such as ready meals, gravy and soup.

The agri-food tech company said this will allow the food processors to capture up to 15% (about 30-40kg) more human-edible food products from every carcass processed.

The technology also lowers emissions related to transport and will help Dawn meats deliver 20% of its annual scope greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target, according to Elemental.

Niall Browne, CEO of Dawn Meats and Dunbia said:

"We’re constantly looking for ways to increase the efficiency and sustainability of our operations.

"Elemental’s innovative new technology will assist us in the capture of valuable food grade ingredients," he added.


The technology company is based in Devon, UK and focuses on reducing costs and the environmental impact of organic waste from the processing of meat.

“We have ambitious plans for sustained growth and helping to drive innovation in the meat industry. This agreement represents a major step forward in delivering on those plans," Hislop, concluded.