A dog attack in Buxton, Derbyshire, has left a farmer with almost £2,000 in damages, Derbyshire rural crime team has said.

The attack occurred two weeks ago on the farmer’s land at Hardy Barn Lane, Buxton. Four ewes had been killed by a dog or dogs.

The dead ewes cost around £1,200 plus £40 each for disposal, Derbyshire rural crime team said.

“The ewes had six lambs between them, one of which has now also died and the others are having to be hand reared on milk formula at a cost of £50 per week per lamb,” the team said.

“A total of almost £2000 damages to this farmer not considering his time and potential future earnings.

Image: Derbyshire rural crime team/Facebook

“The impact of livestock worrying offences cannot be under estimated, with significant financial losses along the stress and upset caused to farmers and their families.”

Derbyshire rural crime team said the area in question is popular for visitors and dog walkers, and is particularly popular with private dog walking companies operating in the Buxton area.

In a Facebook post, the team said: “We are appealing for any information regarding this offence and hopefully this post will act as a stark reminder to put your dog on a lead if near to or likely to come into to contact with livestock.

“Please get in touch via the usual means, FB Messenger or Crimestoppers quoting crime number 24000238188.”