The idea of having electrically powered implements is slowly gaining traction, although it is only the peripheral functions, capable of being driven by a 12-volt supply, that are presently succumbing.

Kuhn Farm Machinery is the latest manufacturer to offer a major feature on an implement to be powered by an electric motor, rather than mechanically.

Electrically driven roller

The company has launched a new seed drill with the ability to vary the seed rate via a Helica fluted roller. The 3m model is part of the Sitera range and is called the Sitera e.

The roller is powered by a motor that works independently of the ground speed, thus enabling the seed rate to be dictated by software rather than the rate of travel.

Kuhn notes that the advantages of adding electric drive to the Sitera range include easier and faster calibration on the move.

This new feature can be programmed using ISOBUS, the VT30 terminal or Kuhn’s CCI 800 and 1200.

Remote correction

Operators can therefore make adjustments via an ISOBUS screen , rather than having to leave the cab and make them manually to the drill itself.

The fluted distribution roller, combined with section control, enables headland shut off as well as variable seed rate on the move.

It is claimed that seed application rates of 1.5kg/ha to 450kg/ha of all seed varieties can be applied precisely without changing or dismantling any parts, saving time, reducing waste, and increasing seed application accuracy.

The seed application rate can be adjusted by operator input or automatically by an appropriate GPS system linked to a prescription map.

Three models available

The 3m machine has three models enabling operators to choose between the Suffolk coulter (3010), disc (3020) or parallelogram mounted Seedflex (3030) options.

Each machine is compatible with the HR 1020, 1030, and 1040 series power harrows which feature a quick-release system for fast coupling and uncoupling of the seed drill.

Higher working speeds of up to 15km/h on light soils and in plant residues is also possible with the CD 1020 seedbed cultivator option.