With the National Ploughing Championships just around the corner, the team here at Agriland is delighted to announce our #farmfree competition.

One of the prizes of the Ploughing competition is a Lely Splendimo 280 Mower.

This side mounted Lely Splendimo 280 M straight mower offers farmers and contractors alike the opportunity for high output with proven low HP requirement.

The twin pivot central suspension system ensures excellent ground contour following independent of tractor movement.

It has a compact transport position, a balanced hydraulic ground pressure relief system and a well designed non-stop break back device with state of the art engineering.

All of the well known Lely Splendimo features are incorporated such as the twin central pivot suspension, shaft driven bed and the Splendimo Clip system for blades.

The user-friendly, non-stop break back device system comprises of a parallelogram linkage, which allows the mower to easily swing backwards and upwards, in the event of a collision with a foreign object.

Throughout such movements, the pressure in the Lely hydraulic system for ground pressure relief increases automatically, making the mower lighter, therefore creating more space for safe passage of such obstacles underneath the mower bed.

The mower will always automatically return to the working position.

The unique feature of the breakback device is the pivot point where the mower swivels. It is located at the furthest point possible from the cutter bar, at the left-hand linkage point.

Even in the case of slight resistance, close to the tractor the breakback device will work effectively, benefiting overall machine life and increasing comfort for the operator.

Ground contour following is exceptional due to the hydraulic-pneumatic ground pressure relief system, which only has to be set once but is easily adjustable if necessary.

The pressure setting is adjusted via the tractor valve block and is maintained within a closed hydraulic circuit on the lift ram.

The Lely mower also folds hydraulically into a 110° transport position, ensuring optimal comfort and maneuverability during transport.
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National Ploughing Championships

With the National Ploughing Championships just around the corner the team here at Agriland is delighted to announce its #farmfree competition.

To coincide with Europe’s largest outdoor event - the Ploughing - we have teamed up with some of the best-known agricultural brands and manufacturers to launch what is we believe the largest ever farming give away in the country.

Recognising the difficult trading conditions which farmers throughout the country have been operating in this year, Agriland, Ireland's largest farming news portal and our competition partners are set to giveaway an unprecedented collection of prizes including a host of farming essentials.