National Sheep Association (NSA) member Anthony Edgley of Oakhanger Farm, Cheshire, is the lucky winner of a free year’s NSA membership following the association’s latest prize giveaway.

Anthony, who is an established and successful pedigree Beltex sheep breeder, won the year-long membership after he was selected following the competition earlier this year.

All new members signing up to the NSA or existing member’s recommending friends or family were entered into the prize draw for their chance to win.

Commenting on his decision to become an NSA member, Edgley said:

"I feel that now more than ever, sheep farmers from all over the UK need to unite and join forces, and I believe the NSA enables us to do this instead of us sitting at home, with our head in our hands, thinking of what we can do on our own."

NSA Sheep Farmer magazine

As one of the benefits of NSA membership, Edgley is a keen reader of NSA Sheep Farmer magazine that members receive as part of their subscription six times a year.

He added: "I have experienced the benefits of the NSA Sheep Farmer magazine and feel that it is an excellent tool for information.

Recently whilst reading the publication I noticed an advert for a new design of ewe truss, for retaining prolapses, a new design that I have never used before.

"I recently purchased one, and have now trialled it on a ewe, with excellent results. A product that would’ve remained a secret without the publication, so I am very grateful."

Edgley's successful flock has grown over the years and is now 100% Beltex having previously included a mixture of cross bred ewes. 95% of stock is sold all over the UK as breeding replacements.

We pride ourselves on producing a breeding sheep that can provide conformation without complication.

"I say it with great pride that our bloodlines can be found throughout the UK. All of our sheep are naturally reared and capable of the natural cycle, as nature intended," he concluded.