This tractor (pictured above) was photographed at a recent trade fair in Wuhan, China. It’s the JotoDeer JT2104A; the brand-name sounds vaguely similar to that of John Deere.

The tractor’s logo is also somewhat similar to that of John Deere, as is the colour/livery. According to Czech outlet Agroportal24h, this machine churns out about 150hp.

This tractor (below) was also spotted at the event.

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The badge/logo also appears to be remarkably similar to that of John Deere – uncomfortably so?

There were other tractors too (pictured below), which shared elements of John Deere’s overall look.

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These units, at least from a front-on perspective, share some design cues with those of current-generation John Deere models.

‘Fendt-inspired’ design

Last year, we brought you details of a Chinese tractor (manufactured by a company called Ensign) that bears more than a passing resemblance to some current Fendt models.

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The tractor (pictured below) was spotted at an overseas trade fair – the Chinese ‘International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition’. It was posted on Facebook by Dautel Landtechnik.

The cab is admittedly very different to that fitted to a Fendt, but the bonnet (hood) bears a striking similarity.

Ensign Heavy Industries, as it’s officially known, is headquartered in Weifang city of Shandong Province; it is known as a large-scale machinery manufacturer.

The company is especially well known in China for its wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts and reasonably “large-scale” construction equipment. In fact, its main products are loading shovels – of which there are five separate ranges and over 100 different configurations.

Ensign Heavy Industries was founded in 2011, when the construction machinery industry was in, what the company describes as, a “sluggish growth period”. However, it says that it is building on China’s collective half century of experience in the loading shovel business.