Have you a hankering for an old-school, square-cut Steyr? If so, maybe a Turkish tractor maker - Basak - has what you're looking for.

This Turkish manufacturer embarked on an agreement with Austrian-based Steyr back in 1976; the deal enabled Basak to produce Steyr-inspired tractors - under license.

The company showcased a number of its current tractors at last week's Agritechnica show in Germany - the biggest, indoor machinery showcase in the world.

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The sharp-edged 2075 (pictured above) will certainly evoke memories amongst Steyr fanatics - of a certain vintage.

Underneath the bodywork, it's a reasonably modern machine. It's got a Stage IIIB compliant engine lurking under the hood. The transmission is a simple 18F 8R affair; it also has wet brakes.

Interestingly, the 2075 is offered with either retro (Steyr-inspired) or modern styling. The variants are largely similar underneath the skin, albeit with some specification differences.

The larger Basak 2110 (pictured below) bears a modern 'look'. Its Perkins-designed 1104D-44TA engine churns out 110hp; that is coupled to a 24F 24R gearbox.


Basak Tractor - as it's known - can trace its roots back to 1944.

The company started to import Ford tractors into Turkey in 1962; a manufacturing deal (with Ford) was embarked upon just six years later.

In 1976, Basak began building Steyr-branded tractors at its base in Turkey - under license from the Austrian manufacturer. In 2012, Basak became part of Sanko Group.

The tractor factory is located in Sakarya; annual production capacity is 10,000 units.

Key components, such as engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems, are manufactured in-house. The company currently has 20 different tractor models in its dossier. The tractors on display at last week's Agritechnica show were part of its new product roll-out.