A farmer has made quite an unexpected discovery in a badger burrow on his farm when he discovered one of his missing calves in the cavity.

Brad Osadczuk from the Osadczuk Cattle Company in Jenner, Alberta, Canada, took to Twitter to share his unusual discovery.

He explained that this was the first time he had ever made such a discovery in his career in farming.

Continuing, the Canadian farmer noted that the calf had been missing for over a day and, eventually, the calf’s mother indicated to him where the calf was located.

He noted that the only part of the calf that could be seen from the surface of the field was its nose and the rest of the animal was discovered in the badger hole.

Police intervention

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, Police were called to an incident involving a “distressed bullock” on the loose earlier yesterday, Monday, May 20, according to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

PSNI North Coast, which includes the Coleraine area, Co. Derry, released a brief statement on social media warning people to stay away.

Police in Coleraine are dealing with an incident, a distressed bullock, on the public footway between Greenhall Highway and Coleraine West Community Centre.

“Please avoid the area,” the statement said.

A short while later, an update was provided: “The incident in the Greenhall Highway / Rope Walk area [in] Coleraine involving [a] ‘bullock’ has been resolved.”