Farmer ousts abandoned Audi the agri way

A farmer in the UK took comprehensive action over the weekend when a car was found abandoned after being crashed into a field containing livestock.

Taking place in Befordshire, England, a photo of the abandoned car was posted on the local police unit’s Twitter page – BCH Road Policing.

If you are going to crash into a farmer’s field with livestock and cause damage, then run from the scene overnight leaving the field insecure, do not expect your vehicle to be recovered with too much care!

“Inquiries ongoing to trace driver,” the tweet added.

Perhaps somewhat incensed at the manner his/her field was left in – with livestock potentially free to roam out on to the road – the farmer does not appear to have been overly cautious removing the silver Audi from the property, going straight in with a trusty Manitou telehandler.

Police officers are apparently still trying to locate the driver, with no updates on the matter from the Twitter page since.