A French farmer received a speeding fine for allegedly clocking 150kph on a speed camera by police in Namur, Belgium – while on his 30-year-old tractor.

The farmer in question, Remi Gervais, a winegrower from Montagnac, Herault (a region in southern France), disputed this saying that his tractor “does not go faster than 30kph…even downhill”.

I think I’d have more chance of winning the lottery than reaching that speed.

Gervais added: “You have to laugh. Maybe my tractor can get into the record books.”

Gervais also said that he has never been to Belgium, which is over 1,000km from where he lives, and has contacted Belgian police to clarify the situation. He has provided photographic evidence to the police of his innocence and hopes to have the matter resolved quickly.

According to the French publication The Connexion, it is believed that the incident was either a case of mistaken identity or fake licence plates being used fraudulently.

In a somewhat related matter, the actual Guinness World Record for tractor speed was set in 2015 by four-time World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen on an airfield in Finland driving a ‘specially-tuned’ Valtra T234. The tractor was fitted with special Nokian tyres and the feat can be viewed below.

Kankkunen clocked a top speed of just over 130kph. Unless, of course, we now have a new record – courtesy of Mr Gervais?