The fees payable to the Department of Agriculture and Bord Bia for the slaughter or live export of animals were outlined recently in the Oireachtas. Inspection fees and levies payable in respect of the slaughter or live export of animals are as follows:

Veterinary Inspection Fees Veterinary Inspection Fees Bovine Diseases Levy Bord Bia Levy
Species Live Exports Slaughter Live Exports/ Slaughter Live Exports/Slaughter
Bovine €4.8 €5 €1.27 €1.9
Equine €12.5 €4.4 N/A Nil
Sheep,Lamb, Goats €0.5 €0.5 N/A €0.25 sheep/lambs only
Pigs to NI €0.63 per animal €1.3 N/A €0.35
Maximum fee per inspection visit €95
Pig other than to NI €1.2 €1.3 N/A €0.35
Payment capped at a maximum number of 125 animals per load
Poultry Nil <2kg €0.01 N/A Nil
2-5kg €0.02
>5kg €0.04
Note: The amounts refer to the rate per head unless otherwise stated.
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