Flood-stricken farmers in the North East have been urged to report the level of damage on their farm with the National Farmers’ Union.

The NFU has been building on its initial support as work begins to help the area recover from the devastation caused by Tuesday’s (July 30) flash flooding in the Yorkshire Dales.

With reports of roads, walls, winter fodder and some livestock being swept away by the floodwater, the union is putting its emergency contingency plans into effect, offering recovery advice and assistance.

Image source: Environment Agency

“It’s heartbreaking to see the damage caused by so much rain in such a short amount of time, but we know farmers are now 100% focused on getting back on their feet,” said Adam Bedford, NFU North East regional director.

Dales farmers are incredibly resilient, but they will need help to deal with the immediate and longer-term impacts of this extreme weather event.

“We have an experienced team locally and nationally now working to make sure all possible measures are in place – whether that’s highlighting to the RPA those businesses known to be affected in a bid to ensure they receive prompt payments or working locally to make it as easy as possible for farmers to dispose of debris dumped on their land by the flood.”

How to get help

Affected farmers are urged to call the NFU’s national CallFirst number to register on: 0370-845-8458.

Image source: Dales Police

Bedford added: “We will also be working closely with key farming charities such as RABI and FCN to make sure that practical and financial help is available as well as support for family members during what is an incredibly stressful and emotional time.”

A detailed briefing providing information and advice for affected farmers is also available on the NFU website.