The Forestry Commission is seeking applications for the position of woodland officer in forest services (FC) – which facilitate the improvement and expansion of England’s trees and woodlands.

The Forestry Commissions said it is looking for a dynamic individual with experience in forestry and/or land management. The woodland officer can be seen as the ‘face’ of the Forestry Commission to landowners, managers and stakeholders.

Those interested in applying for the role are encouraged to do so before the deadline of 11:55p.m on Sunday, November 12, 2023.

The Forestry Commission said the sifting of applications is planned for Monday, November 13, and interviews are expected to be held from November 27, with both dates subject to change.

Woodland officer

The annual salary of the woodland officer ranges from £32,612 to £35,343. The job grade is executive officer.

The Forestry Commission said the successful candidate will be expected to live in the West Midlands area and their parent office will be the nearest of the commission’s offices, which are located at Ludlow, Worcester.

There will be flexibility for some optional blended working between the FC office/s and the chosen candidate’s home.

The Forestry Commission’s area team operates from five offices across the NWWM (Penrith, Delamere, Cannock, Ludlow and Worcester). Applicants will be asked to specify their preferred location.

Commenting on the role of woodland officer, the Forestry Commission said: “Never has there been a more important time for trees and forests to help tackle the climate emergency and provide a much-needed sanctuary for people and wildlife.

“You will be at the forefront of delivering the Forestry Commission’s incentives and regulations, and able to provide advice and support to the private forestry sector, in addition to Local Authorities and Defra colleagues.

“Internal team working is also integral in the Woodland Officer role, for example, across the Area Team and the wider Forestry Commission.”

Through both, the Forestry Commission said the chosen candidate will have the ability to assist it to build strong working relationships to help create and manage diverse, resilient multi-purpose woodlands.


The responsibilities of the woodland officer include expanding woodland cover. This includes:

  • Championing the benefits of new woodland as business opportunities for land owner and as natural capital (including biodiversity, water quality, flood management, carbon sequestration/substitution, etc.) for the wider environment and society;
  • Facilitating the design and delivery of new woodlands optimising the benefits they can deliver to the owner and as natural capital;
  • Administering the forestry Regulations relating to woodland creation (Environmental Impact Assessment); and
  • Administering/processing applications.

The chosen candidate will also have responsibilities relating to the protection of existing trees and woodlands.

As well as this, the Forestry Commission said, the woodland officer will be responsible for improving the condition and resilience of existing woodlands and wider treescape.

The woodland officer will engage with partners, stakeholders and the public to facilitate the expansion, protection and improvement of England’s woodlands.

To apply, candidates should visit the UK government website under the Forestry Commission section.