Livestock feed manufacturer ForFarmers has launched an apprenticeship scheme aimed at developing “future leaders” within the company.

The scheme will start in October and consist of an 18-month programme designed to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to excel in leadership roles within ForFarmers.

The two apprenticeship courses are “Level 3 Team Leader” and “Level 5 Operational Management”, and they are being delivered by partner organisation Itec.

ForFarmers said Itec will provide a comprehensive and tailored learning experience for employees from various departments across the company.

Over 70 employees have been selected to join the first cohort of apprentices.

ForFarmers UK managing director, Steven Read, said: “Any business is only as good as the individuals within in, and particularly its leaders and future leaders.

“At ForFarmers we believe in this passionately and it is what ultimately will enable us to achieve our mission For The Future of Farming.

“With this in mind I am delighted that we are embarking on an apprenticeship programme that will enable the professional development of so many colleagues.”

Read said he is pleased to welcome ForFarmers’ first group to their studies this month.

“It will be the first of many and will be part of what enables us to really live our values,” he said.

Director at Itec, James Pearson, said the company is thrilled to have been selected as ForFarmers’ learning partner for its leadership apprenticeship.

“Collaborating closely with the ForFarmers team, we are dedicated to crafting a truly unique and adaptable leadership development programme for managers,” he said.