Sophie Alpin Gregory will be taking over our social media this Friday, January 14, in another Agriland Takeover – on Instagram and Facebook.

Sophie, a first generation farmer in the UK, started her dairying experience with no background whatsoever less than ten years ago.

But despite her social media handle remaining 'Farmer in Training', the Dorset mother of three is no longer a complete rookie, having been crowned Dairy Industry Women of the Year 2021.

Sophie, alongside her husband, now has 360 cows on over 900ac in Thorncombe. The farm is producing about two million litres of milk/year.

'Farming in Training' Sophie (left)

Not forgetting her own journey into farming, Sophie is passionate about inspiring a next generation of farmers. She spends her free time in education schemes for school children teaching them about farming, through a programme called 'Farmer Time'.

In the programme, Sophie shows the children what they have been doing on-farm and answers any questions they may have.

'Farmer in Training' Sophie passing on her knowledge

She has also hosted live videos for Open Farm Sunday.

A particular passion of Sophie is organic farming and sustainability. Some on-farm projects the team dedicate extra time to is soil health - which Sophie has called one of her "biggest assets" - and the introduction of bees to the farm, which help the plant cycle.

As Arla producers, the farm is part of the Arla 'Bee Road' initiative.

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