The Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) has again called for Article 50 to be revoked, holding steadfast to this view, despite the recently confirmed extension to the article.

The union said it was concerned that the process was now “totally outside the hands of the UK Government”, and that revoking Article 50 was the only way to take control of the timescale.

“This new extension is a short relief to farmers in Wales, who will now still be able to continue selling their produce unfettered into the EU during this period.” said Glyn Roberts, president of the FUW.

We are deeply concerned that the Government appears to have lost all control of the process, and we believe revocation of Article 50 is the only way that control and sensible planning timescales can be achieved.

The FUW also called attention to its four-point plan, which the Government could implement without needing any input from Europe.

The plan consists of: revoking Article 50; establishing cross party consensus for a solution; considering a referendum on options for withdrawal, if necessary; and restarting the Article 50 process once clarity is in place.

“Crashing out of the EU is not an option worth considering, and nor is an exit that is being planned in crisis mode, with far too many political positions being taken for party and personal gain,” added Roberts.

Our proposal may take another two years to deliver, but it would at least be a measured response, well planned and would also deliver the will of the referendum in due course.

He concluded by saying: “My real concern is that unless the politicians move forward constructively we may well find ourselves in the same position again at Halloween, and facing another no-deal crash out of the EU.”