The Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW), jointly with Wales YFC and FUW Insurance Services, is hosting a livestock worrying webinar to address the on-going livestock worrying incidents across Wales.

The webinar, which is open to all FUW, Wales YFC members and FUWIS customers, will take place on Thursday, February 25, at 7:00pm via Zoom.

Speaking ahead of the event, FUW Deputy President Ian Rickman, who will be chairing the event, said:

"Farmers across Wales continue to be subjected to livestock worrying and avoidable losses, such as those that occur when a dog chases or attacks livestock. It remains a significant source of frustration for the livestock sector in Wales.

Industry initiatives, such as the FUW campaign ‘Your dog, Your responsibility’ which widened the message to respecting the countryside, picking up after your dog, keeping dogs on a lead near livestock and making sure dogs don’t escape from home, have had some impact but there are still many questions farmers have in how they can protect themselves and their livestock from such incidents.

"We are therefore hosting an information webinar, which will look at how livestock worrying incidents need to be reported by farmers, hear what the law says farmers can do and where the law sits when it comes to civilians.

"We are also going to explore what insurance cover is available for farmers when it comes to protecting their assets from dog attacks. I hope many of you can join us on the night," he concluded.