Great Britain’s deadweight pig prices continue to gain momentum, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

The deadweight pig prices continued to ascend through April, AHDB said, and the EU-spec standard pig price (SPP) saw “historic highs” as prices ended the month at 219.07p/kg.

AHDB livestock analyst Isabelle Shohet said this brought the monthly average to 217.8p/kg with an average increase of 0.9p/week.

“The weekly increases seen throughout April have been slightly subdued compared to previous months,” she said.

“The EU spec SPP has showed gains of just under 3p over the four weeks of April, and gained nearly 19p over the 17 weeks since the start of the year.”

Shohet explained that the EU-spec APP has seen similar gains, reaching a peak of 219.34p/kg in the week ending April 15.

The week ending April 22 saw a fall of -0.48p, down to 218.86p – the first fall recorded since the middle of February this year.

“This brought the average price for April to just under 219p/kg, with the gap between SPP and APP narrowing further,” Shohet said.

“The week ending April 22 saw near parity between the two price series, a gap of just 0.64p.”

Great Britain’s estimated slaughterings sat at just under 634,000 heads for the month of April which is 93,100 down from the same month last year.

“Average weekly throughputs sat at 158,500 head, down 23,300 head compared to the same weeks last year,” Shohet said.