Engine giant Cummins has launched a new wireless diagnostic service in some world markets.

According to the company, this technology can inform and advise of engine problems within seconds. The new technology is being deployed by “smart” fleet operators. It has benefits for engines in use in agricultural machines.

Cummins describes the system as a “lifeline for your engine”. But how does it work?

The moment an engine system fault occurs, the telematics system “instantly” transmits key engine system and GPS data through the telematics connection. Connected Diagnostics, as it’s called, immediately applies the company’s own analytics to “transform the data into actionable information”.

A diagnosis of the fault, and recommendations regarding continued vehicle operation or the need for immediate service, are sent instantly to you.

This approach, says Cummins, enables you to properly care for the engine, while maximising equipment availability without the downtime previously needed to investigate the cause of the fault.


The system analyses fault code data, prioritising active and recently inactive faults. This provides a “high level of confidence” that the recommendation to stop immediately or service immediately is the right one. Cummins says that determining the root cause of the failure – right down to the component level – facilitates faster repair and minimises downtime.

The information sent by Connected Diagnostics, says the company, is much more valuable than a simple warning lamp on the dash, and more complete than raw data pulled from the engine’s electronic system.

The system, says Cummins, identifies and prioritises fault codes, determines the probable cause of the fault and reports it to you.

There is more to come apparently. Connected Diagnostics, says the company, is just the first app in an “exciting new suite of advanced innovations”. Additional, far-reaching apps for electronic engine management are in development.