Defra Secretary Michael Gove has launched an independent review to ensure England’s food system is fit for the 21st century in the first major review of the UK's food system in 75 years.

Recommendations from the report will result in a trailblazing new National Food Strategy, set to be published in 2020.

Henry Dimbleby - the co-founder of 'sustainable' restaurant chain Leon and of the Sustainable Restaurant Association - will lead the panel.


Dimbleby will investigate the entire food system, from field to fork, and consider what changes are needed to ensure that it:

  • Delivers safe, healthy, affordable food, regardless of where people live or how much they earn;
  • Is robust in the face of future shocks;
  • Restores and enhances the natural environment for the next generation;
  • Is built upon a resilient and sustainable agriculture sector;
  • Is a thriving contributor to our urban and rural economies, delivering well-paid jobs and supporting innovative producers and manufacturers;
  • Does all of this in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said: “Leaving the EU is a great opportunity for British farmers and food producers. But with an expanding population, the urgent threat of climate change and rising levels of diet-related disease, we face many challenges too.

“That is why the time is right for us to look afresh at our food system to ensure everyone has access to high-quality British food and our environment is protected for future generations.

“I am delighted that Henry Dimbleby will be leading this once-in-a-generation opportunity to cultivate a stronger food system for the future.”

Henry Dimbleby said: “No part of our economy matters more than food. It is vital to life and shapes our sense of identity.

“But there are urgent challenges with which we must grapple. Populations are growing, diet-related conditions are harming the lives of millions, and climate change is altering what our land will yield.

From farmers in the field to chefs in the kitchen, over the next year, I’ll be speaking with people from across the foodchain to address these challenges and ensure everyone has a say in shaping the future.

'Long overdue'

NFU President Minette Batters said: “I am very pleased to see that the Government is taking food production seriously and putting plans in place for a national food strategy – this review is long overdue.

“It is crucial that this strategy delivers for everyone – from food producers to families across the country, regardless of their income. Safe, traceable, affordable food that is produced to high standards of animal welfare and environmental protection is a right for all and British farmers should be the number one supplier of this.

“The NFU has done some early work with Henry Dimbleby on what a food strategy can look like and I am delighted that he has included much of this in his framework. We are looking forward to working with his review to deliver a food system that is fair for all.”

Chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation Ian Wright CBE added: “Over the last 70 years, we have begun to take for granted that there will be food on our table, yet, in truth, our food and drink industry is a strategic national asset to be protected.

"It is central to the economic success and cultural fabric of our country and the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. Its contribution to our future growth, prosperity and sustainability is vital."

A formal call for evidence will be held shortly to seek views from all those who have a vested interest in the future of our food.

The National Food Strategy will build on the Government’s flagship Agriculture Bill and Fisheries Bill currently before Parliament, alongside the Industrial Strategy, the Childhood Obesity Strategy and the upcoming Environment Bill which will address the greatest environmental challenges of our age.