Great British Beef Week is ‘going green’ for its 11th year

British beef farmers are to receive industry-wide recognition at the end of April, with their support for sustainable production practices being the focal point of Great British Beef Week 2021.

The campaign is to take place between April 23 and April 30, with organisers Ladies in Beef (LiB) once again supported by AHDB, as well as Red Tractor, National Farmers Union (NFU), The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution and Hybu Cig Cymru.

Great British Beef Week (GBBW) 2021 will showcase the strides being taken by British farmers in the sphere of sustainability, with Britain continuing to maintain its position among the most sustainable in the world.

The campaign is to be run predominantly via digital channels, with regional media and in-store activity also being used to highlight innovative and sustainable farming methods from producers across Britain.

Shining a light on beef production

Jilly Greed, who co-founded Ladies in Beef with NFU president Minette Batters, said: “Great British Beef Week enables us to shine a light on all aspects of the beef production process.

Our farmers are passionate about the beef they produce and are committed to delivering high quality red meat for consumers to continue to enjoy.

“Managing land in a sustainable way is a fundamental responsibility of the modern-day farmer.

“This includes farming regeneratively, improving grasslands and paddock grazing, planting trees, maintaining wildflowers for the bee population, harvesting and giving cattle rainwater to drink.

British beef production boasts a carbon footprint of just less than half the global average, and reflects the hugely important and positive work our farmers are putting in day-by-day.

“It’s vital that we keep bringing attention to the ways our producers are respecting the land, whilst also producing the foods we enjoy eating,” she concluded.