A farmer in the UK was arrested recently for driving at snails pace on a motorway in the UK, where it is illegal to drive on the motorway with a tractor.

While it is illegal in the UK, it is not illegal here in the Republic of Ireland. According to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) you can drive on the motorway if your vehicle can travel at at least 50km/h.

However, if you’re towing a trailer you must drive at the right speed and the maximum legal speed limit for a vehicle towing a trailer is 80km/h.

It advises to ensure your load is evenly distributed to reduce the chance of the trailer swaying, especially in high winds or when large vehicles overtake you.

Furthermore, you’re not allowed use the outside lane of the motorway if you’re towing a trailer or a horsebox.

So, have you ever driven on a motorway under the 50km/h minimum limit? Take our poll:

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The motorway ahead signs tell drivers that you the following must not enter a motorway if;

  • People who do not hold a full driving licence for the category of vehicle they drive,
  • Vehicles incapable of a speed of at least 50km/h,
  • Vehicles with an engine capacity of 50 cc. or less,
  • Invalid-carriages or motorised wheelchairs,
  • Vehicles that do not use inflated tyres; and
  • Cyclists, pedestrians, and animals.