The Hannah Dairy Research Foundation (HDRF) has announced three new research grants totalling £59,138 in its latest round of funding.

The charity provides strategic funding to help researchers develop projects that will be of direct relevance to dairy farmers in Scotland.

The projects will be undertaken by Moredun Research Institute, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), and the University of Glasgow.

The successful projects that received funding are:

  • The development of ruminant mammary organoids to facilitate the study of mammary gland biology in vitro;
  • The fungal milk microbiome of dairy cattle and its implications on mastitis;
  • Identifying critical control points for colostrum contamination and Mycoplasma prevalence in first milking colostrum from Scottish dairy herds.

Prof. Dave Roberts, chair of HDRF, said: “We have increased the number of research grants we funded in the last 12 months as we are receiving high quality research proposals.

“Each project also has clear plans to communicate the results to the dairy industry and reports will be available on the HDRF website.”


In other news, the SRUC has filled ten veterinary-related posts as part of its development of a new School of Veterinary Medicine.

Vivienne Mackinnon has been appointed as director of veterinary partnerships in the veterinary school’s senior management team at the college.

In addition, nine further posts – including head of interprofessional education, veterinary programme director, veterinary lecturers and veterinary senior lecturers – overseen by the new head of veterinary education professor, Jim Anderson, have been filled in preparation for the roll out of the new curriculum. 

Prof. Caroline Argo, dean of veterinary medicine and head of school, said: “These new foundation posts are vital in supporting our growth agenda in this essential area.

“They are a critical element of the new school’s set-up to support our contribution to the development of Scotland’s natural economy as a driving force behind the promotion of resilience, diversity and sector fit among our veterinary graduates, embedding them in real-world experience and practice from the outset.

“Vivienne, as director of partnerships, is fundamental in providing that experience.

“All of our key appointments to date have shared their excitement in our sense of purpose and mission and we hope to continue that trend with all of our new appointments in the coming months.”