High demand for straw has seen the price remain high, with 4x4 round bales selling between €8-18/bale depending on location.

The higher demand for straw has seen prices improve by €2-3/bale in some locations compared to the same time last year.

Poor weather conditions during the harvest of later crops has also seen a lot of straw yet to baled and this has limited the availability of quality feed straw available on the market.

Straw prices vary by €10/bale

According to straw prices on Donedeal, the price of a 4x4 round bale can vary by as much as €8/bale, while there is also significant price variation depending on location.

Bales of straw are proving to be cheaper in the south and southeast of the country, with farmers in Co. Kildare and Co. Carlow advertising straw at €8/bale and €10/bale respectively.

Meanwhile, prices on Donedeal indicate that farmers in the west can expect to pay a little more to secure straw, with farmers in Co. Galway paying between €15-18/bale.

Straw prices are also higher in Ulster and farmers in Co. Down and Co. Tyrone can expect to pay between €12-16/bale.

Sample prices 4×4 round bales:

  • Louth - €12
  • Carlow - €10
  • Kildare - €8
  • Tipperary - €10
  • Limerick - €12
  • Galway - €15-18
  • Tyrone - €16
  • Down - €12

This time last year, straw prices in the Munster region were as low as €8/bale, but prices have increased this year with bales in Co. Tipperary and Co. Limerick being advertised at €10/bale and €12/bale respectively.

Farmers looking to purchase the larger 8x4x3 bales will pay between €17-25, with Co. Down proving to be the cheapest location to by these bales.

Sample prices 8x4x3 square bales

  • Meath - €25
  • Louth - €22
  • Carlow - €20
  • Down - €17