The 6t-capacity JCB Loadall 560-80 telescopic handler can now be had with the “added finesse” of hydrostatic drive; the AGRI Pro version is due to make its UK and Ireland debut at the LAMMA show in England this month.

The new Loadall 560-80 AGRI Pro features JCB’s DualTech VT (Variable Transmission) – already fitted to other Loadall telescopic handlers. JCB claims that it boosts control and driving ease.

In fact, says the firm, it provides the “best of both worlds” – using hydrostatic and powershift elements that work together automatically. JCB claims that it provides “fast and precise response at slow speeds” along with “power-efficient direct drive at higher speeds”.

The hydrostatic element operates up to 19kph, before switching to a powershift with auto-shifting direct drive (there is no torque converter) for road travel (and towing) up to 40kph.

‘Flexi’ mode enables engine and ground speed to be set individually; so for loading and re-handling, a constant speed could keep the hydraulics at peak performance with arguably better fuel economy, while the operator concentrates on steering and control of the boom.

The operator can dial in a set ground speed (for example – for consistent feeding out of silage or concentrates) or can put a limit on the maximum powershift speed (for example – when gathering bales in the field).

All of this, says the manufacturer, bodes well for the Loadall 560-80; it’s typically aimed at large farms and commercial bulk stores – as a machine for stock-piling, re-handling and out-loading. This flagship of the Loadall range lifts 6t; it can handle a 5m³ grain bucket.


JCB’s Loadall 560-80 AGRI Pro in action

It employs a Z-bar type linkage; the machine can lift to a maximum height of 8m.

With JCB’s so-called ‘Smart Hydraulics’ regeneration technology, the boom can be “lowered rapidly but under full control”. This, says the company, cuts loading cycle times.

Under the hood, there’s a 145hp JCB EcoMAX engine – with no DPF for emissions control; it drives (among other things) a 140L/min hydraulic system.

JCB claims that, in comparative tests, its AGRI Pro handlers have delivered up to 25% higher repeat-cycle productivity than competing machines and a 16% advantage when towing.

The manufacturer also says that its ‘LiveLink’ data has revealed a 7.13L/hour average diesel consumption based on 50,000 machine hours.

JCB now has six Loadall AGRI Pro telescopic handlers with its supposedly “unique” DualTech VT transmission – the 536-60; 531-70; 536-70; 541-70; 535-95; and the new 560-80 top-capacity model.