Househam, the UK based manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers, is to equip its mid-range machines with the X10 cab from Claas.

This will be used on the Air-Ride and Harrier models, the former offering a tank capacity up to 4,000L while the latter can carry a maximum of 6,000L.

Greater vision for wider booms

The machines may be fitted with a 36m boom, the view of which has been improved due to larger, rounded, corner windows and a redesigned engine cover with chamfered corners.

Standard features of the X10 cab include automatic air conditioning, bluetooth radio, three-way tilting steering column and adjustable sun blinds on all windows.

The buddy seat is larger and it has a 27L fridge housed beneath it.

Househam cab interior

The entry level Air-Ride models will have a basic interior specification. They come with an air-suspended cloth seat, for instance, while Harriers will have a high-back leather unit as standard.

The Harrier will also be equipped with climate control and heating. Both of these are optional on all models.

The company's engineers have taken time to redesign the mirrors to improve access. They have also fitted LED work lights and installed a hydraulic-folding ladder with its controller integrated into the park brake.

Househam integrate controls

The controls for all vehicle and boom functions have been integrated into the cab’s original controls.

This leaves the space uncluttered without the need to add additional switchgear, according to Househam.

Househam sprayer in rape

The in-cab TMC V6 terminal keeps the operator informed of all sprayer functions and vehicle readouts. It comes set up for auto section control (ANC) and auto nozzle select (ANS) as standard.

The software has been updated with NavGuide mapping now available as an option. The benefit is that it uses less memory than the standard Field master system. The result is considerably faster operation when using additional functions such as individual nozzle control.

On farm prices for the updated models start at approximately £150,000 for an Air-Ride 3000 with 24m boom and approximately £178,750 for a 4,000L Harrier with 24m boom.

Both are powered by either four-cylinder or six-cylinder Mercedes diesel engines.