Slurry tanks around the country are reaching capacity and agricultural contractors are gearing up for a busy spell. This comes as the prohibited period for spreading draws to a close.

AgriLand caught up with some agricultural contractors to see the range of prices currently being quoted to get slurry spread. Quotes were given either on a per load or per hour basis.

Therefore, it would depend on individual farm layout; location; tractor speed (40kph or 50kph); and tanker size.

All of the contractors interviewed operated slurry spreaders equipped with either splash-plates, dribble bars or trailing shoe implements.

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Starting in Co. Longford, a contractor gave a quote of €65/hour (excluding VAT) for a 2,750-gallon tanker. The contractor also has a 2,250-gallon tanker; he charges €60/hour for this slurry tank.

The two tankers are equipped with trailing shoes. The contractor also provides an agitation service. For this, he charges €65/hour (excluding VAT). The tractors used all have 40kph transmissions.

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Moving to Co. Donegal, the price offered by a local contractor was €40/hour (excluding VAT), using a 2,500-gallon tanker for splash-plate spreading.

The same contractor quoted €40/hour (excluding VAT) for the agitation of slurry. The tractor used to pull the 2,500-gallon tank has a 40kph gearbox.

In Co. Kerry, an agri-contractor quoted a price of €50/hour (including VAT) for slurry spreading, using a 2,000-gallon tanker with a splash-plate.

A contractor - located in Co. Limerick - quoted €50/hour (including VAT). The tanker that is used has a capacity of 2,000 gallons. The slurry is spread via a splash-plate and the tractor used to spread the slurry has 40kph gearbox.

Agitation is also carried out by this contractor. The price quoted was €75 (including VAT) for the first hour and €50/hour for any additional hours.

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Furthermore, a large-scale contractor in Co. Monaghan charges different prices for varying sized tankers. He runs a fleet of six slurry tankers in total. For his 3,000-gallon slurry tanks - equipped with splash-plates - he operates off a price of €50/hour (excluding VAT).

The same contractor quoted €45/hour (excluding VAT) for a 2,600-gallon tanker equipped with a splash-plate. All of the tractors used to pull the tankers have 50kph gearboxes. The price of agitation quoted was €60/hour (excluding VAT).

A Meath-based contractor quoted a price of €50/hour (excluding VAT) for a 2,500-gallon tanker equipped with a 7.5m dribble bar. The tractor used to pull the tanker has a 40kph gearbox.


Finally, in Co. Galway, a contractor gave a quote of €45/load (excluding VAT) for a 3,300 gallon, self-propelled slurry tanker with a 8m wide injector. The contractor has been operating the 380hp, 40kph, hydrostatic machine for the last several years.