The 2024 World Farmers’ Organistion (WFO) annual meeting will take place from June 17 to June 21 at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) premises in Rome, Italy.

The event will convene hundreds of farmers of all sizes and sectors, family farmers, young and women farmer leaders, farmers’ organisations and agricultural cooperatives from across the globe.

Also in attendance will be other relevant stakeholders such as government representatives, multilateral institutions, academia, scientists, private sectors, civil society groups, and financial institutions.

The aim is to provide a vibrant and inclusive platform for forward-looking dialogues, knowledge exchange, and multi-stakeholder collaboration to advance the sustainability of global agri-food systems.

WFO president, Arnold Puech d’Alissac said: “We are grateful to FAO for this decision to open its doors to the World Farmers’ Organisation.

It confirms the importance that we mutually attribute to our partnership, and it offers a chance to family farmers and their organised structures from all over the world to visit the heart of the global political dialogue on food and agriculture.”

Theme of WFO annual meeting

This year’s theme is ‘Harvesting Tomorrow: Farming Shaping the Future of Agriculture and Food Production’.

Farming system is that portion of the food system that is responsible for the production of food, fibres, ornamental products, heating system input.

The WFO said that farmers are people, families and communities who have devoted their lives and the lives of their families to produce food, fibres, ornamental products, heating system input for the rest of the world.

The organisation added that agriculture is not only a job for the farmers, it is a very complex mission that includes a number of responsibilities and solutions that farmers are developing by their own.

The WFO also stated that farmers are the people in the food systems, able to identify practices and solutions to increase the efficiency levels at farm gate.

This includes better use of natural resources also in pressing environments, keeping soils healthy and productive contributing to global food security.

At the WFO annual meeting, conversations will focus on the promotion of a new approach,
win-win, where farmers lead on their role of food producers and stand ready to co-create solutions that are meant to be implanted globally and locally.

World Farmers’ Organistion

The World Farmers’ Organisation, is a member-based international association of national farmers’ organisations and agricultural cooperatives from all regions and sectors.

It represents and gives voice to the diverse community of farmers worldwide, regardless of their farm size, gender, and age.

WFO has described its mission as informing and influencing international decision-making on agriculture with farmer-driven and solution-oriented policies, ensuring the most pressing challenges farmers worldwide face are addressed.