There has been a great deal of talk about precision farming over the past few years, yet the adoption of digital aids for the day-to-day management of agricultural operations has lagged a long way behind software developments.

The degree to which the move to a greater reliance on digital technology has been accelerated by the unprecedented rise in the price of fertiliser is unknown, yet the feeling in the trade is that the extra expense has sharply focused attention on applying inputs far more carefully.

Influence of input prices

If the rush to GPS-guided fertiliser application has opened growers’ eyes to the practical application of digital technology, then Trimble is now ready to take the next step in the journey.

The company has announced the launch of an interactive online virtual farm that allows farmers across the world to immerse themselves in precision agriculture and explore the potential of precision farming. 

Fertiliser precision trimble
UCD is already applying slurry with a Trimble equipped tanker

Using this new online tool, farmers can ‘walk’ through a digital farm and identify the management choices they encounter on a regular basis.

Precision farming potential

Having done so, users are directed to Trimble’s appropriate connected product and can contact a Trimble Agriculture representative to discuss the best way forward, utilising digital technology, for their farm.

Markus Meyer, Commercial Director, Trimble Agriculture said:

“At Trimble, we work with farmers every day. This helps us understand their biggest pain points and how to best help them resolve issues. We know farming is hard work, however, Trimble Agriculture solutions can contribute to making it easier, and this new tool will help farmers specify their issues and quickly align to a solution.”

Identifying answers

Trimble is fully aware that external forces can have a huge impact on farming in both a negative and positive way.

The company believes that there are many situations in which digital technology is able to help farmers tackle many of the obstacles they face.

It views Trimble’s Virtual Farm app, which details common issues and applicable technology, as a guide to how best farmers can apply precision farming to their enterprise.