Insurers are now investigating the cause of a fire that killed a number of pigs in Oxfordshire last week, as fire and rescue services were unable to establish a cause.

A statement from Oxfordshire County Council said:

“Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service has investigated the fire, but has been unable to ascertain the cause.

“The matter has now been passed to the insurers for further investigation.”

The fire

The fire in question took place on the eve of Friday, October 8, near Wallingford, just off Portway.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Services were called to an agricultural holding around 4:23p.m.

In a statement on Facebook, the rescue team said:

The fire [was] in an agricultural unit, where a number of pigs are known to have sadly have been in involved.”

The crews worked overnight to bring the fire under control.

The next day (Saturday, October 9) the fire and rescue service provided the following update:

“Some tired faces and a lot of cleaning this morning but great work by everyone to conclude an incredibly busy night’s work.”