A new idea from Galway farmer Jarlath Gormally is taking the hassle out of storing waste plastic bale wraps this winter.

The TidyWrap Recycling Bin, which is being manufactured by JFC Manufacturing, is a bottomless bin designed specifically to store bale wraps and keep them clean and dry until they are ready for collection.

As well as designing the bin, Gormally came up with a way to use the plastic of one bale as the actual bag to store the other wraps, saving cost for the farmer

The clip below of the invention shows how the liner is formed.

The farmer makes four parallel slits at one flat end of a silage bale, once cut these four slits form four tie handles, the bale is left over onto its open end and a loader is used to lift the plastic cover off the bale. This plastic shell forms the ‘liner’ in the bottomless bin, with the straps being clamped to the top of the bin with the bungee chord. A removable lid keeps the plastic dry.

The TidyWrap will hold 150 – 200 bale wrappings depending on how well they are compacted. Once full the straps can be tied and the bin removed. The bin can be lifted by one person, repositioned, and the cycle starts again.

“The TidyWrap is an ideal product for all farmers who wish to keep there farm tidy, save money on collection costs and meet farm inspection requirements” said John Concannon of JFC. “It also saves the farmer the cost of buying a plastic bag to hold the used wrapping, which was only adding to the amount of plastic being disposed,” added Gormally. JFC have put a cost of €279, including VAT, on the innovative product.

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