Matching a tractor's tyre pressure to the job in hand was always a task which was observed more in the word than the deed.

However, with the advent of central tyre inflation systems (CTIS), this rather bothersome task is less easily overlooked.

John Deere has just announced the availability of such a system as a factory fitted option to its 8R Series tractors, equipped with independent link suspension.

The company utilises an onboard compressor in the system, which is engineered and manufactured in-house. It allows the operator to continually monitor and adjust tyre pressure with one control.

Regular optimisation of tyre pressure will increase efficiency both in the field and on the road, increasing overall tractor performance and tractive effort.

A lower tyre pressure in the field helps to prevent soil compaction as well as protecting soil structure and reducing wheel slip.

Meanwhile, on the road, a higher tyre pressure will improve handling, braking and reduce rolling resistance. Tyre life will also be prolonged and less energy wasted in flexing the tyre walls.

Tyre pressure easily altered

John Deere’s latest system is easily controlled from the tractor’s CommandCenter display. One of its chief merits is relatively rapid inflation and deflation times.

The company cites, as an example, the large combination of 710/75R42s with 650/60R34s on the front.

tyre pressure compressor and hoses
Central control of tyre pressure is now available as factory fitted option

The pressure can be increased from 0.8 to 1.8bar in less than six and a half minutes, while less than four minutes are needed to bring them back down again.

It is also possible to connect it to an external compressed air source which will allow for faster inflation if required. Likewise, it is also possible to connect air tools or blower to the tractor compressor.

The speed of adjustment is ensured by the inside diameter of the air lines, which is 33% greater than many other systems on the market.

The hoses are of strong fabric rather than plastic, and are safely secured to the tractor’s front and rear wheels and the cost of the new John Deere CTIS option is £13,490 in the UK, or €14,555 in Ireland.