John Deere unveiled the latest update on the development of the eAutoPowr, its electric infinitely variable transmission, at the John Deere Sustainability Day in Oschersleben, Germany during the week.

Agriland travelled over to take a look at a number of new sustainable technologies being developed by the company, where we heard about the eAutoPowr updates.

The eAutoPowr transmission is the first of its kind in the world and is now available on the 8R series of tractor.

The two brushless, electric motors are “virtually wear-free” according the Deere, and the manufacturer claims the motors will last the lifetime of the machine.

The electric drive is designed to both supply drive to the tractor and also provide up to 100kW of electrical power to external implements.

John Deere, in partnership with Joskin, has developed a system where up to 20% of the electric power can be redistributed to two axles on the Joskin slurry tanker.

This increases traction when climbing inclines and helps protect the land from damage caused by wheel slip.

Their plan is to launch a fully autonomous battery-powered electric tractor in the under-100hp class by 2026.

The company is also aiming to have electric drive alternatives in every John Deere product family by 2026.

John Deere MultiFuel

John Deere has also been developing its MultiFuel concept to allow its engines to run on biofuels, traditional diesel or fuel blends.

With its ‘one-tank solution’, which is suitable for any fuel in both pure and blended form, even farm-produced plant oils can be used.

The use of different fuels is recognised by various sensors of the standard combustion engine and the exhaust gas after-treatment system.

These deliver the data for a mathematical-physical model and for
an artificial intelligence – based approach recognising the different fuel mixtures.

Based on this, the electronic engine control unit (ECU) selects the appropriate software setting for optimal engine operation and allows for the engine to comply with Tier 4 European Union emission standards.