A simple to use continuously variable ‘CVT’ or ‘vario’ transmission is now available in the new Landini 6 and 7 Series.

Called V-Shift, the ZF-made transmission is available as an option on three four-cylinder FPT-Fiat Power Train powered 6-Series tractors (147, 160 and 176hp), and two six-cylinder 7-Series models with 181 and 195hp maximum power ratings from Landini.

The 24x24 speed Roboshift transmission with its manual and auto shifting through ranges and speeds is a genuinely smooth operator but now the V-Shift Drive takes operator comfort, speed control and powertrain efficiency to another level according to D&S Machinery.

Finished in a new metallic blue bodywork, all five V-Shift tractors are equipped as standard with a 12” touch screen monitor that allows the driver to control the tractor’s performance and operating parameters.


The transmission and engine are controlled as a single entity by purpose-designed control software developed by Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors to provide a full suite of operating modes and settings to suit different field work and road transport situations.

The flagship model; 7-190 V-Shift Drive is the bigger CVT model available today from Landini. This 7-190 V-Shift Drive is rated at 181hp with a boost that adds 14hp for PTO and transport operations bringing the horsepower up to 195hp.


Starting off, the operator only has to set what speed he wants the tractor to achieve. It is left to the engine and transmission via Landini’s control system to decide the most suitable engine revs and CVT ratio for the job in hand. Essentially the tractor will always select the most economical operating speeds by keeping engine revs down and CVT ratios up.

landini 1

However for PTO applications or to keep revs up for maximum hydraulic flow, the tractor can be operated manually by independently selecting engine revs, via the hand throttle and forward speed by a variety of ways. The system automatically recognises when you have engaged the PTO and adopts the appropriate control strategy, so no specific selection is needed.

On the armrest there is an Engine Memory RPM button which makes it possible to set and keep a constant engine RPM rate, regardless of load variation. The activation of this function is confirmed by the lighting of the lamp in the button itself and by the display of the icon on the dash.

On the touch screen monitor there is a Split Throttle arrangement (function) for the operator to set minimum and maximum speeds between which the engine will work.

V Easypilot controller

Control of speed is via the V EasyPilot controller as used on the Roboshift powershift versions.

However on these V-Shift Drive models, this lever also moves; forward to go faster, backwards to go slower.

It is a force-based system, so the more you push the lever, the quicker the transmission reacts. The lever features a decent amount of resistance, avoiding any accidental movements and always returns to the centre position.

The V EasyPilot lever is the best option to regulate ground speed for most field operations when the tractor is often running over bumpy/rough ground. On the road the operator may prefer to use the accelerator/travel pedal.


There are four Operation Modes on with V-Shift Drive; Automatic, Manual, PTO and Cruise.

At engine start, the tractor is always in Auto mode. In the field Manual and PTO modes will be applied depending on the application.

landini 2

Cruise mode consists of two forward cruise speeds and two reverse cruise speeds that can be set by getting up to the desired speed then pressing and holding the cruise button on the V EasyPilot controller.

These cruise speeds can be fine-tuned on the move and over-ridden momentarily without losing the setting.

12" touch screen

The 12inch colour display is one of the biggest touch-screens available on any tractor. The DSM complements the information shown on the dash and provides an easily navigated set of screens for various transmission, engine, PTO and hydraulic functions.

The DSM can be configured for monitoring and control of implements equipped with ISOBUS electronics. The ISOBUS socket is fitted as standard on V-Shift Drive models located at the threepoint linkage.

Auto guidance system

The V-Shift Drive models are compatible with satellite guidance, auto-steering and section control.

The TopCon system with its X25 model touch screen monitor and satellite antenna fitted on the roof of the tractor is available as an option from the factory. When ordering the Auto Guidance you can choose one of three types from Landini:

1) Manual with LED bar.

2) Electric Steering unit for Auto Guidance

3) Full Auto Guidance for high accuracy and precision

Hydraulics and Linkage

The V-Shift Drive models feature a closed-centre hydraulic system with a variable-displacement pump. The system has a total flow of 167 l/min which supplies up to 123 l/min to the hitch and remote valves.

Four-speed PTO (540, 1000 540E & 1000E) is standard on this range. The Auto PTO function can be very easily set-up on the monitor. The Headland Management System can also be set-up on the screen and then operated on a button on the EasyPilot controller.

A Dromone Telescopic hitch is fitted on the V-Shift Drive models. Bosch lift control with anti bounce as standard. The rear lift capacity is 9300kg with lower link draft sensing for accurate implement control.


The cab on the V-Shift Drive models is a true high-tech control centre and is one of the quietest cabs, rated at 70 dB (decibels) on the market today. The cab interior offers the operator a fully sound-proofed, functional ergonomic environment and high-quality, automotive-grade fit and finish that further enhance the driving comfort.

Landini 3

Front axle and cab suspension ensures a greater driving comfort both on the road and in the field and increases tractor stability.


As mentioned the flagship model; 7-190 V-Shift Drive is the bigger CVT model available today from Landini with a retail price of €109,375 plus VAT.

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