Lely has introduced a new automated calf feeder, which it says not only supplies calves with precisely what they need, when they need it, but can help identify possible health issues.

The calf feeder is designed to provide30 milk at the correct volume and temperature to ensure maximum benefit to the calf to help her grow and develop into a profitable dairy cow.

The various Lely Calm Control versions can be connected with a new online management system via the internet, which makes it easier to monitor calf performance and identify health disorders at an early stage.

Various apps can display data from the system such as:

  • Drinking behaviour yesterday and today.
  • Milk consumption per day.
  • Drinking rate per day.
  • Total milk (powder) consumption.

In combination with a scale, it is also possible to show current weight and weight gain per calf, while all data can be presented in a clear manner on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

According to Lely the management system can also give a warning when the drinking rate is too low, the drinking process is frequently interrupted or the milk consumption is insufficient. These can all be indicators of impaired calf health.

The automated feeder has been improved in a number of ways and the processor is faster with higher storage capacity, it said.

The automated feeder rapidly recognises which calf wants to drink and alongside the temperature sensor there is a button for young calves to learn to drink from the automated feeder, which is directly integrated into the identification process.

Furthermore, an integrated LED light indicates the status of the drinking process.

Farm managers who already have a Lely Calm machine and wish to enjoy all the benefits of the new Control version can use an update kit for this purpose, Lely has said.