Lemken has updated its precision drill range with the latest launch of the Azurit 10. The changes are to smaller items, rather than a grand redesign of the whole implement. The drill is now available with 50cm spacings, bringing the possible row widths down from 70cm or 80cm. This new arrangement is available in either six-row or 12-row versions.

A furrow former has been added to the seeding coulters. This is said to improve the accuracy of seed placement.

The drill pipe has also been updated and now comes with an inlet that can be replaced if it is worn.

Greater flexibility

The range of seeds which may be planted has also been increased and it now extends to soya beans and sunflowers. Automatic seed singling for maize is another new feature with a system that monitors and adjusts the seed singling operation. Although a new item, it can be retrofitted to many older machines. In addition to the ability to keep an eye on the accuracy of maize placement, there is also a fertiliser monitoring system available, which automatically alerts the operator if individual fertiliser coulters become blocked.

MicroHub 5 from Lemken

In addition to the changes to the drill itself, Lemken has brought a new fertiliser distributor, known as MicroHub 5, to the market, which enables microgranules to be applied close to the seeds. Microgranules are a mixture of waste proteins from the food industry and micro nutrients. They need to be placed as close to the seed as possible to gain the maximum benefit.
Lemken Azurit 10 precision drill
The new MicroHub 5 sits immedietly behind the main seed hopper
Trials with maize seed have shown that the method promotes a significant increase in the root density of young plants, but it is highly dependent on the proximity of the seed and granules.

Lemken suggests that microgranules may have a particularly important role to play in cold, dry spring seasons. The company also notes that initial nutrient requirements of crops can be easily covered by a relatively light application.

Bernd Valtwies, Lemken’s head of design for precision seed drill technology, said: “We offer this option for our Azurit with up to eight rows", and goes on to point out that the unit may also be retrofitted to later Azurit 9 models. The MicroHub holds 200L of fertiliser, which can be applied at rates ranging from 1-40kg/ha. The metering unit is operated electrically and granules are pneumatically delivered to the seed furrow. The new drill is to be available from September onwards.