Lemken sold its first Isobus-controlled plough in 2015 and, since then, it has been a case of sales taking off at an exponential rate. “I have sold three Isobus ploughs over the past month alone,” Lemken’s area sales manager for Ireland, Derek Delahunty said.
They just make so much sense. With the control system in place, the operator can make all the tweaks and changes to the plough from the comfort of the tractor cab.”
The technological improvements achieved over recent years, he says, have served to make the attainment of the highest ploughing standards a consistent reality. “Isobus has made a real difference in this regard.  But so has the availability of hydraulic depth control. I wouldn’t sell a new plough without this feature at the present time.
Contractors really buy in to these developments as they allow someone with little experience to go off and do a day’s work in the knowledge that the technology is playing its part to ensure that a high standard of workmanship is achieved, time after time.”
The area sales manager was speaking at the recent launch of Lemken’s Juwel 8i plough, which features the improved iQ plough control system and a redesigned user interface that intuitively guides users through all settings.

This can also be done via an Isobus-capable tractor terminal.

In the on-land version, the preset front furrow width can be stored and displayed on the terminal.

Lemken - taking ploughing to the next level

With mechanical depth adjustment on the depth wheel, the Lemken Juwel 8i also represents a cost-effective entry-level version of an Isobus plough.

Ploughing with Isobus control is becoming increasingly popular, as the easy adjustment of rotation, inclination, working width and working depth via the terminal saves time and allows a more flexible response to changing soil conditions.

These ploughs are also quick to attach, because only three hydraulic hoses need to be connected.

The new Juwel 8i with electro-hydraulic turnover device allows up to eight different scenarios to be programmed and activated as required.

For example, it only takes a single move to ensure that the last furrow is always kept shallow when ploughing the headland to avoid a deep cross furrow in the field.

Another advantage is that the hydraulic inclination adjustment of the plough can be made independently on the right and left to produce an optimal ploughing pattern under all conditions.

The Juwel 8i also ensures comfortable road transport on the Uni wheel without needing to decouple the top link.

This increases safety and comfort by eliminating the need to work between the tractor and implement.

The frame swivel cylinder is depressurised for road travel to allow it to compensate for uneven ground. The new Juwel 8i will be available from March 2022