Lidl Great Britain (GB) announced yesterday (Tuesday, March 26) that it aims to solidify its commitment to ethically sourced quality chicken, by improving animal welfare standards for its own label fresh chickens.

In collaboration with suppliers, it will increase the space allocated to the chickens by 20% above the industry standard, elevating the well-being of these animals.

Chief commercial officer at Lidl GB, Richard Bourns said that animal welfare is a priority of the company, and that it will remain dedicated to ensuring that all animals within the supply chain live good lives.

The transition involves reducing the maximum stocking density to 30kg/sqm. The company hopes for it to begin this summer and be completed by early 2025.

Providing chickens with more space to roam enables them to engage in natural behaviours like stretching their wings, dust bathing, and bolstering both physical and psychological well-being, leading to more fulfilling lives.

The discounter will be supporting its suppliers with the transition through increased investment.

Chief commercial officer at Lidl GB, Richard Bourns, said: 

“Through ongoing engagement and longer term agreements, we’re able to provide them with the confidence needed to make the necessary investments that will help move the dial on animal welfare.

“This approach ensures our customers can count on us to deliver improved animal welfare standards, as we continue to offer them quality produce at market leading prices.”

Lidl GB confirmed that all fresh chicken supplied to them complies with nationally recognised third-party standards, including Red Tractor Assured and Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) certification.