Double para-olympic gold medalist and ESB medalist employee Mark Rogan joined ESB Networks managing director Jerry O’Sullivan at the National Ploughing Championships today to launch a new ESB  Networks Customer Service Improvement Plan.

The plan is based on feedback from customers and outlines 10 key areas that the company will focus on over the period to 2016 to improve customer service.

Speaking at the launch, Jerry O’Sullivan managing director of ESB Networks said: “As double gold medalist, Mark Rohan embodies the commitment and drive that  is inherent in ESB Networks . In recent years, we have invested heavily in upgrading and enhancing the Irish electricity network, to deliver a smarter, more efficient and reliable system that is suitable for the needs of today’s economy.

“Over the same period, we increased customer satisfaction levels from 69 per cent to 84 per cent. We intend to build on these achievements over the next three years to ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding service to our customer.”

Over the period of the new plan, ESB Networks will enhance its web and social media services, including its popular PowerCheck App launched last year.

ESB Networks owns Ireland’s electricity transmission and distribution system, and provides services to all electricity customers, regardless of their electricity supplier.

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