A 15-year-old girl in Germany has trained her cow to jump like a horse, after her parents told her she couldn't have a horse.

Regina Mayer has spent the last two years training one of the cows on farm, called Luna, to jump fences.

Mayer said that at the start of the training, the cow was really well behaved and walked normally.

However, she said that after a couple of metres the cow wanted her trainer to get off her back as you could see she got a bit nervous.

Her neighbour is interviewed in the video on his thoughts of Mayer training her cow to act like a horse.

At first I thought it was weird - a kid on a cow? I had to get used to it. But then I thought it was pretty funny.

While the cow may have filled a void for a horse, Mayer still wants one but said that the cow will always be her favourite.

Mayer is decked out in riding gear and the cow ever wears a bridle and saddle.

We wonder would she be any use running in the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Lee Powell from the Associate Press is the voice-over on the video: