The Met Office, the Republic of Ireland’s Met Éireann and KNMI, the Dutch national weather forecasting service, have chosen the storm names for the 2022/2023 storm season which begins this month.

Antoni will be the first named storm of the new season, and will be named when a system is forecast to cause ‘medium’ or ‘high’ impacts in the UK, Ireland or the Netherlands.

In addition to strong winds, impacts from rain and snow will also be considered in the naming process.  

The order of names after this is listed in the photo below.

Source: Met Office

The names that the Met Office contributed to the list came from submissions by the public, and include Daisy, Glen, Khalid and Owain.

Betty ran out winner of a public vote on Met Office Twitter, with over 12,000 votes cast to select the name for the letter B.

KNMI’s selected names, including Antoni, Hendrika, Johanna and Loes, are named after influential Dutch scientists. Met Éireann’s submissions include Cillian, Fleur, Íde, and Nelly.  

This year is the eighth year of the three-service storm naming project which aims to help raise awareness and inform the public of the risks of upcoming storms.

“We know from seven years of doing this that naming storms works,” said Will Lang, Met Office’s head of situational awareness.

“Last year, Storms Arwen and Eunice brought some severe impacts to the UK and we know that naming storms helps to raise awareness and give the public the information they need to stay safe in times of severe weather.”